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Push-Start: Gulliver’s Travels – Review

Ailsa Travers writes: I’m not quite sure if it’s fair to say this is an ‘adaptation’ on the 18th century novel of the same name; if I were to call it anything in relation to the original story, I’d render it an extremely loose re-telling of the story of Lemuel Gulliver, played by the disappointingly repetitive Jack Black.

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-MD-3736d ago

"played by the disappointingly repetitive Jack Black."

Not cool. Jack Black will always be funny to me.

Soldierone3735d ago

He is funny but not all the time. There are certain instances where it just doesnt click with me.

Lethaltare3736d ago

Oh I do agree, but I do understand her review though!

martynmj3736d ago

That's a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing Gulliver's Travels. However i have a very low standard so i will still probably find the movie hilarious.

-MD-3735d ago

If you're a fan of Jack Black's comedy style then you'll like it.