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Push-Start: Tangled – Review

Ailsa Travers writes: Walt Disney Animations has returned with a modern CGI re-telling of the ‘Brothers Grimm’ classic, Rapunzel. Unlike other certain remakes, (e.g. Gulliver’s Travels), Disney has managed to remain relatively faithful and true to the original fairytale, but add a sprinkle of alluring humour, a couple of songs and some great characterisation, Tangled becomes freshly enticing and magnificently entertaining.

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Soldierone4194d ago

This was by far my favorite animated film ive seen in a long while. How to Train you Dragon was fantastic too, but Tangled is what I expect when i see not only a Disney film but an animated film.

-MD-4193d ago

The theatrical trailer that played before Toy Story 3 was HILARIOUS. I knew right away I would love it and I was *this* close to seeing it in theaters.

If it's better than HTTYD like you say then I'm in for a treat.

Soldierone4193d ago

It has the same moral story as HTTYD but its done way better and is visually more impressive to me. I saw it twice in theaters, and Ive never actually done that for anything other than The Dark Knight and Inception. I saw it in 3D once too and even that was awesome.

-MD-4193d ago

Twice? Damn. I've only done that once in my entire life I think and it wasn't even for a great movie.

Sunny_D4184d ago

Its a nice kid movie, something not from Pixar, but still good.