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'Girl Walks Into a Bar' Becomes First Major Motion Picture Developed Exclusively for the Web

Shangri-La Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Youtube and Lexus to bring Sebastian Gutierrez film “Girl Walks Into a Bar” free, exclusively on YouTube premiering Friday, March 11. This will be the first time a major motion picture was created exclusively for web distribution.

The comedy stars Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Aaron Tveit, Robert Forster, Amber Valletta, Gil Bellows, Kevin Zegers and Alexis Bledel. Sebastian Gutierrez wrote, directed and produced the project. Steve Bing and Richard Rosenblatt also served as producers.

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Soldierone4193d ago

Free? Youtube must still be making absolute bank to not be charging for certain videos yet. I wonder if they will air the MK series at a price just to have it.

However its kinda funny just yesterday Usher and his crew wouldn't sign Justin Bieber because "the web isn't strong enough" and now a motion picture is being released on the web.

JL4193d ago

Yep. Totally free. The kicker is it's actually a major motion picture. I thought it would be some crap with no-name people when I first opened the press release. Then get into it and there are actually some semi-big names in it as well.

The Web isn't strong enough? Don't know where he got that idea from.

Soldierone4193d ago

Did it note anything on how its going to make money? mid movie ads or something?

JL4193d ago

No it didn't. However, Lexus is sponsoring it. So they may throw some ads in there. I'd imagine it would be the same way companies find it worthwhile to sponsor a show/movie on TV to make it ad-free. They just keep their logo in the corner at all times throughout the show/movie and they get constant logo placement while viewers get the pleasure of no ads and realize who they have to thank for that. So, my guess is it will be something to that effect. The release didn't mention anything though.

Sunny_D4184d ago

Oh wow, that title sounds stupid, I wouldn't waste my time watching it.