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10 Female Characters With The Best Bad Behavior in Film

From TMP:

Actors have often said that playing a baddy is the most fun they ever had because they can just let loose. No restrictions, no couth, and often no conscience! When women play bad girl roles we end up with characters with behavior running the gamut from harmless rascal to downright dangerous. There’s no denying some of the most unforgettable roles belong to female characters behaving badly.

These characters are vixens, schemers, vengeful, plotting, and femme fatales that are a lot of fun — and shocking — to watch. Whether these females are manoeuvring people like chess pieces on a board, charming the unsuspecting into danger or out of fortunes, getting even, social climbing or just being straight up bad, these female characters are the best of the baddest characters in film.

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Soldierone4672d ago

I think Domino is the best "bad" girl, because she was grown up by guys that are doing bad things. Movie was friggin awesome and Knightly pulled it off amazingly.

JL4672d ago

I'm glad you say that. I did very much enjoy that movie. Somebody else around here was talking about not liking Knightley before and I pointed out Domino as an example where she was just awesome.

-MD-4672d ago

I do remember enjoying Domino when I rented it a few years ago.

I was one of the people in the other thread that was talking about her. It's not that I don't like her it's that it takes a lot for an actor or actress to grow on me.

Soldierone4672d ago

The only thing I dont like about her is how willing she is to get naked and have sex scenes. like the one in Domino I dont think was entirely needed, they had other routes to go. I watched some of her more artsy stuff and she gets naked for like no reason at all.

JL4672d ago

Oh yea, I just hate when hot girls are willing to get naked all the time /s :P lol

Nah but I get it. In movies, I don't care for nudity/sex just for the sake of it when it doesn't even really fit or isn't needed.

I will admit, just something about Knightley (her mannerisms or something) can cause her to be a tad bit annoying to me at times.

darklordzor4672d ago

I've always found female villains to be pretty interesting. Wish there were more of them, because most of the time they seem to be more dangerous.

JL4672d ago

Where's Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes? :P

-MD-4672d ago

Yeah where is Kathy Bates? Why isn't she in this list?

darklordzor4672d ago


I didn't come up with this list...just edited it. But that is a pretty good choice for this list.

Sunny_D4672d ago

ife's a Bitch," but God-forbid the bitch divorce me, I'll be flooded with ice so hellfire can't scorch me

Lol, that's the perfect line for Fatal Attractions.

Sunny_D4663d ago

Cruella Devil was someone I hated a young person. I thought why would they hurt the little doggies.


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