Skewed and Reviewed Review the New Liam Neeson Thriller Unknown

Skewed and Reviewed love the new thriller Unknown which stars Liam Neeson. The review called it a thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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-MD-3461d ago

I saw this quote earlier on this film "Director Jaume Collet-Serra should have entitled this "Taken II"

And then I cheered. I really loved Taken.

Soldierone3461d ago

You will be happy to know Liam Neilson confirmed they are working on a Taken 2 then. He is writing it and re writing it according to his own words.

-MD-3461d ago

Yeah I saw him on Lopez Tonight the other day and he mentioned talks were still going on about a sequel.

Can't wait for that.

Soldierone3461d ago

Woh I thought I was the only one that ever bothered to watch that show lol. I just leave my TV on after Conan until Im about to fall asleep.

I love Lopez, but he needs to joke about something other than mexicans once and a while.

-MD-3461d ago

For whatever reason we get channel 2 and 3 so it's almost always on tv at night along with Conan. I don't watch it often but I probably catch an episode or two a week.

Soldierone3461d ago

Finally a good review for this movie lol, I thought it would be filled with reviews like this but most of them have been moderate to bad.

Garethvk3461d ago

I dislike the trend many critics in my market have that if its not art its garbage. I called a fellow critic out once who was railing out a movie before the screener. She stated how she hated mainstream films. I said then you should not come as our duty is to be fair and unbiased which she clearly wasn't. She never attended another screener. The one in the paper here is uptight snob, loved to diss electronic media, still does, as paper after paper goes under.

Soldierone3461d ago

Yeah Ive been invited to a few of those too and in some of them the "critics" didn't even watch the movie or left within 10 minutes of the film. Its like why even bother showing up and waste the studios money if you are not going to do your job?

As a film critic your job is to sit through the movie and tell people how you felt about it. I dont care if it sucks more than watching teletubies 24 hours, sit through it and tell us that then. its a JOB

Garethvk3460d ago

So true. The big issue is the changing of the guard. I started writing for school and community papers, but in 94 jumped all over the internet as I could see it was the future. I syndicated via the net and a few years later I started my own site and a few years after that the magazine.

I do radio as well now, and we note that the old guard, papers only, they tend to be older, and stoggier when it had to be serious journalism. In one of my books I wrote that my process is to judge a film for its genre. I am not expecting great acting and a deep script in a horror, comedy, or action film, but if it works for its intended genre and entertains then it has done the job. I know one, famous syndicated reviewer, has been on tv, he is ultra conservative, so here is is at Sexdrive. Of course he bashed it, it goes against his morality and audience. So my take was if you cannot be fair dont come.

Sunny_D3452d ago

That's a cool story you have there. I hope you find success in whatever you do.

Sunny_D3452d ago

Woah, this movie was REALLY loved by this reviewer. It just shows that reviews are opinions. Everyone has their own.

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