Top 10 Times When Its Acceptible for a Guy to Cry at Movies

CalmDownTom writes:
While it’s socially acceptable for lady folk to break into tears at the mere sight of sparkly Edward and whiney Bella or to unleash torrents of tears to whatever sentimental, sob-fest Nicholas Sparks has written on his Notebook, it’s not the same for guys. We get a select few moments when we can lose it and not lose the respect of our peers, the esteem of our colleagues and our attractiveness to the lady folk. No one wants a blubbering, emotional man-child breaking into tears every time they see the movie poster for Marley and Me. On the other hand, sometimes we are allowed to let our manly facades of steadfast stoicism slip. Whether it’s a single tear rolling down a cheek like a lone soldier who has lost his platoon, or a steady flow self-consciously wiped away with the heels of our hands lest the lady folk look down on us, sometimes it’s okay to cry at movies. These are the times:

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-MD-4114d ago

I don't think I've ever cried during a film. Glossy eyes at best.

I have heard Grave of the Fireflies is pretty sad though. Still I wouldn't cry.

alb18994114d ago

If you haven't cry is because you have not seen Lion King........when :-(…......

-MD-4114d ago

I might have cried during that when I was younger but I can't remember.

Lion King was pretty sad though...

UnSelf4114d ago

if u aint cry in Green Mile, then u have no soul

Yi-Long4114d ago

... I'm quite the wuss when it comes to heartbreaking moments in movies.

Val1s4114d ago

If you can get through Grave of the Fireflies wihtout tears then you're a robot. A mean, soulless robot ;)

-MD-4114d ago

I guess we'll see if I'm a soulless robot then lol.

Sunny_D4114d ago

I can not compute. ERROR!

Val1s4114d ago

Haha, I'm sure you're not.

JL4114d ago

Sorry, but this list auto-fails for excluding Old Yeller. And maybe even Brian's Song. I don't know a man alive that hasn't cried at Old Yeller at some point in their lives (and most on Brian's Song as well).

I'm not even sure what's supposed to be tearjerker about some of these.

Soldierone4114d ago

Im not gonna lie, I had teary eyes during Old Yeller and my mom said its ok to cry haha!

JL4114d ago

lol Me too. I won't lie about it. Like I said, there's not a guy I know that hasn't admitted to crying at Old Yeller. I think that one is the ultimate tearjerker for guys. Brian's Song, in my experience, tends to be the second most common to bring tears to the eyes of all the guys I've ever known.

Soldierone4114d ago

To be honest you get that heart warming feeling in your stomach a lot, but no director or screenwriter has been able to make me cry in the past few years.

Charlie St Cloud almost had me, but didnt go far enough. Since Im about the same age and my brothers are about the same age, it was a bit close lol. And Tangled, near the end, it had my GF crying but didn't quite get me.

JL4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I will agree. There are several that will give you that feeling or maybe put that knot in your throat. But I haven't had one make me cry in a long time. Damn Mr Holland's Opus for being the last....Don't judge me :P lol

Some of those heart-warming ones will tend to give me that lump though. Those ones that show such levels of compassion of the human spirit, they just get to me. Rarely ever enough to send me over the edge though.

Oh...Pay It Forward. That was another.

My girlfriend isn't TOO much of a crier. My mom we like to give a bit of grief though. She'll cry at almost anything. She cried at Anastasia for crying out loud lol.

Soldierone4114d ago

Im a complete sucker for those things too. If a movie can get that heart warming feeling inside me then ill love it, but if watch it again and I dont get that feeling i realize how horrible some movies are haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.