Disney Toon Studios Announce 'Cars' Spinoff 'Planes'

DisneyToon Studios has announced that a new CG animated film titled Planes is coming to home video in spring of 2013. It will be an extension of the Cars world:

The sky's the limit as DisneyToon Studios proudly announces PLANES – a spectacular, full-length CG animated comedy action adventure movie for everyone set high above the world of CARS. PLANES will introduce an entirely original and hilarious crew of daredevils from every corner of the globe and draws inspiration from the immensely popular Disney•Pixar’s CARS world. PLANES will arrive on Blu-ray™ and DVD in Spring 2013.

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Soldierone4115d ago

Geez who at Disney decided to milk the hell out of Cars?

-MD-4115d ago

I wouldn't really call this milking.

Unless we see 'Boats' next. That'll be some hardcore milking.

Soldierone4114d ago

If this does well, we will see Boats or Trains next....

They already have the short series and all kinds of other stuff for Cars. I just wonder why they picked Cars of all the Pixar films, why Cars?

-MD-4114d ago

That's what I don't understand. Why Cars? I'd like someone to ask them this.

Silly Mammo4114d ago

Boats! lol I was think the exact same thing. My son loves Cars, but its probably my least favorite Pixar movie.

-MD-4115d ago

Eh..sure why not. I don't get why they're giving Cars so much attention though when it was one of their lowest grossing movies as well as arguably the most disliked.

Soldierone4114d ago

Exactly I dont understand it either. Monsters, and even Toy story still has juice in it. What about Tangled?

Silly Mammo4114d ago

One word- Merchandi$ing!!

Sunny_D4114d ago

yeah, not worth watching...

Sunny_D4105d ago

I mean it seemed like a good idea. But when you take one franchise and try to morph into another. It never works out.

JL4114d ago

I actually enjoyed Cars and it is one of my favorite Pixar movies, but I'm not really sure something like this is called for or necessary.

darklordzor4114d ago

My son just recently got into Cars. Now he's all about them, and his bed is even a Cars bed. Personally, I thought it was a fun movie, but I never understood why they have given it so much attention, as opposed to Monsters, Inc.

More than likely I'm going to pass on this...there's really nothing here to hold my interest.

JL4114d ago

My nephew loves cars (in general, not the movie specifically--though he does like that as well). So he has all kinda of Lightning McQueen and Mater type stuff amongst other cars.

I don't mind them giving Cars so much attention as I did enjoy it. Though I will probably pass on this. But I would indeed like to see them give Monsters Inc more attention as well.

Soldierone4114d ago

Not that I hate Cars, but its not as good as any of Pixars other films in my opinion. You could say incredibles, but you would still have to admit its more markatable in todays enviorment of superheroes.

I understand WALL E isnt exactly a market engine, and Up isnt either, but Monsters would of been the obvious choice to me.

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