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The New 'Thor' Trailer

There was a time when the most highly acclaimed actor you could get to star in a movie based on a Marvel comic was Dolph Lundgren*. But now, as both the budgets and the respectability of "comic book movies" have increased, it's become standard practice for Academy Award winners and nominees to appear in them.

Currently, four out of the 20 Oscar nominees in the acting categories will be in a Marvel Comics film in the next two years. Best Actress nominees Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence will appear in "Thor" and "X-Men: First Class" respectively this summer.

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-MD-4196d ago

Anyone looking forward to this? I'm only watching it for Portman.

JL4195d ago

Eh, I wouldn't say "looking forward to". I'll probably check it out when it hits Blu-ray though. Looks like it could be moderately cool. Nothing that impresses me though.

-MD-4195d ago

I wonder how many times he'll throw his hammer.

He did it like 4 times in that trailer alone. What a cool superhero.

martynmj4195d ago

I think it has potential, Nothing like throwing hammers at bad guys to make for good viewing.

Soldierone4195d ago

Its not impressing me, the trailer alone was putting me to sleep. There are plenty other things to watch other than this.

pr0digyZA4194d ago

As soon as I saw a giant robot, I just thought "ugh".

Soldierone4195d ago

Is it just me or does him acting "tough" annoy the hell out of anyone else? It sounds so fake and cheesy, but im not sure if its supposed to be real or not.

Sunny_D4195d ago

Well, I saw Lockey in there. This movie actually looks better and better the more I see it. It is actually interesting, especially the beginning.

Sunny_D4195d ago

Natalie Portman is really hot, lol. I would probably watch the movie just for her, lol.