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TMP Editorial: What's Wrong With Robin?

Many fanboys have torn apart any news suggesting Robin may have a part in Christopher Nolan's next Batman flick. But is such hatred of the character really justified? TMP wonders why the character has fallen from grace.

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JL4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

He's a wuss lol

Honestly though, personal feelings aside (I'm sure they could revamp his character to be more appealing if they wanted to), anytime I've spoke out against having Robin in the movie isn't because I don't like him. It's always been more like an argument against the possibility due to how much Bale hates the character and doesn't want him in and how evidently Nolan feels the same way as well.

Soldierone4192d ago

There are variations of him in the comics that are pretty sweet, but at this point he is no longer Robin. He doesn't even go by robin in most cases anymore.

The only "robin" I liked was in Teen Titans and thats because he wasn't a wuss.

shadow27974192d ago

Exactly, Nightwing is awesome, but there has to be a Robin first, and I just don't think it's worth it.

Soldierone4192d ago

Becaunse Robin adds nothing thats needed to a beginning of Batmans universe. Robin was added in when Batman writers needed some twist to add to the comics, they don't need it in the cartoons or in film. He adds nothing. Like said above he is a wuss, a problem character, and something for batman to worry about.

-MD-4192d ago

Never liked Robin. Ever. He's just plain ol' lame.

darklordzor4191d ago

Wow, so much hate.


Robin is still Robin. While Dick Grayson has gone on to become Nightwing, Batman has replaced him with another kid to be Robin. There have actually been several Robins with different people taking on the role for various reasons. Thus I think in any form, Robin could be cool.

I know it's not going to happen, but it's just one of those things I like to think about. It could be cool, but I agree that he wouldn't fit in this early in Batman's career. He's still figuring it all out himself.

Soldierone4191d ago

Still its not "robin" and there wasn't a robin for a while when he became NightWing. Like I said they only add Robin or some form of sidekick when the writers need something to turn to in order to further the story. Otherwise they don't need him at all.

With this only being the third Batman film from Nolan why bother?