Shane Black To Direct Marvel's 'Iron Man 3'

Deadline: EXCLUSIVE: The ever secretive Marvel Studios is in final negotiations with Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 set to be released on May 3, 2013. As you know, IM1 and IM2 director Jon Favreau begged off to helm Magic Kingdom at Disney so his relationship with the franchise ran its course. Shane is first and foremost a writer but it's not clear whether he'll be penning the IM3 script as well. "That's not figured out," our source says. Of course, everyone in and around Marvel is keeping mum.

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-MD-4115d ago

Odd choice considering he has 1 film under his belt.

Sunny_D4114d ago

Yeah, and it wasn't even good. -_-

darklordzor4114d ago

Who knows, maybe they went with him because he doesn't have as much experience, especially with big studios...Makes it a lot easier to control what they do.

-MD-4114d ago

I'm watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang right now to see what we're in for. Going into it completely blind.

Sunny_D4105d ago

Oh well, I liked Ironman 1 and 2, so here's hoping 3 is good.