IGN: Sequels We Don't Want

IGN: Hollywood is not always the place to go for creative storytelling. And who can blame the major studios? Why take a chance on a new idea when a sequel to a major blockbuster is guaranteed to rake in a few hundred million? But sometimes Hollywood's obsession with sequels takes a turn for the bizarre. How else do you explain Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps? Or the fact that George Lucas appears to be considering another Star Wars trilogy? (And, really, another Pirates movie? After fighting a tentacle-bearded Davey Jones and a sea monster, Jack now faces - wait for it - Blackbeard. A normal, but meaaaaaan, guy, with a normal beard. *Crickets*)

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darklordzor4115d ago

I agree with quite a bit of what's on this list, but I think my thoughts on another Matrix are pretty well known by now.

JL4115d ago

Hmm, I might not mind another Ocean movie. I very much enjoyed the ones they've made so far (Clooney and company). So I wouldn't be entirely opposed to another. I just love a good heist/con movie.

Matrix, I would love another. Plain and simple.

I'm not even sure how a direct sequel to LOTR would even be possible. The story ended. That's it. Any "sequel" would just be a different story that takes place in that world. Which is what they're doing with The Hobbit. And I don't mind that at all. I don't mind the possibility of other movies in that world. Though after Hobbit and those are done, that will probably have been enough.

Unbreakable. I hated the first. Definitely don't want a second.

Hmm Gladiator 2? My first thought: "Again, the story ended. He's dead". But then reading Cave's idea. I might not be opposed to that.

Romero: He can make zombie movies till the day he dies for all I care. He's a legend. Sure, some might not be that great (some may even suck) but I say let him continue.

And finally, whatever, I'd definitely enjoy an ID4 sequel I think.

-MD-4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Romero is a legend for sure but the last like 6 movies he made are trash.

They had a HUGE hit with the remake of Dawn of the Dead (Snyder directed) and then they made Land of the Dead (Romero directed) which did well and then they just stopped for no reason.

Is he allergic to money?

JL4114d ago

I didn't entirely mind Diary of the Dead either.

Soldierone4115d ago

Dunno about you guys but Id absolutely love to see more Star Wars films. Maybe not of the stories that are already told, but new stories in the same universe much like lord of the rings. Thats how the video games get away with it, and its friggin awesome.

Riddick is just funny. I think its the only movie where the game did better and was much better received than the movie haha.

-MD-4115d ago

I thought the movies had a pretty big following? I've never seen either of them so I don't know if they're bad or not.

I haven't even played the games.

Soldierone4114d ago

The first or second Riddick (dont remember) didnt sell well and had horrible reviews. Then the game released and it blew up and became a big hit, they even released another one without a movie alongside it.

Riddick is awesome and fun to watch, it just needs to be done right.

-MD-4115d ago

I'm a fan of sequels. Never understood why people wouldn't want more of what they loved.

I'd watch a new Matrix or Gladiator for sure.

tunaks14114d ago

because of the culture of the internet,
bandwagons are very attractive for people.

tunaks14114d ago

kinda pointless article, most of these arent even possible.

-MD-4114d ago

Anything is possible when money is involved.

Soldierone4114d ago

Exactly, money talks. If the main character is dead well guess what turns out he had sex with some girl and has a kid in his basement that becomes exactly like him. Or lets tell the beginnings of this character, growing up, etc...

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