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TheGameEffect | Chuck: "Chuck vs. The CAT Squad" Review

On the eve of their engagement party - and with a wedding looming - Chuck decides he wants to reunite Sarah with some of her friends. First on the list is the Clandestine Attack Team - or CAT Squad, a Charlie’s Angels-type crew which Sarah was a part of with Morgan’s “ex,” Carina, perky Amy, and bitchy Zondra.

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-MD-4193d ago

I need to start watching Chuck again. I saw the first half of the first season and thought it was so-so but people tell me it gets better as it goes on.

pr0digyZA4192d ago

Ye Im really enjoying it lately, 3rd season wasnt that great except for episode 13 (which is my best episode ever). But season 4 to me has been pretty cool all the way.