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The giant monsters movie genre, at least in the most nostalgic terms, is nearly extinct. Sure, Peter Jackson’s King Kong was pretty good. And Cloverfield saw a good bit of success financially and critically. But it seems as if the movie-going public’s imagination is uncaptureable, by any good measure, by the idea of enormous, loud, dangerous creatures (Rush Limbaugh doesn’t count). But rumors swirling through the festival mills about an indie gem called, unceremoniously, Monsters held great promise for the movie niche. And, it seems, these rumors are well founded. Gareth Edward’s feature film is charmingly ethereal and, at times, staggeringly beautiful.

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darklordzor4108d ago

Nice review. I have to say that the blu-ray looks amazing, though it makes me wish even more, that they had a bigger budget. It could have been even more epic. Still very fun movie, and a good buy on blu-ray.

Soldierone4108d ago

I wanted to see it really badly, then reviews kept giving it a low score. since this review isn't bad and you said it was decent I might check it out.

darklordzor4108d ago

A lot of the bad reviews that came out for it, had issues with the lack of monsters themselves. The budget was ridiculously low (in the 100k region) so the titular monsters were only seen a couple times. However the filmmaking is very impressive. The way he builds tension and amps up everything, even without seeing the monsters is highly impressive. I say it's definitely worth watching, at least once.

-MD-4107d ago

I thought it was mediocre at best.

JL4108d ago

I actually didn't care for it as much as I thought I might. I said it before somewhere else but: I was expecting something along the lines of Cloverfield. What I got instead was something more along the lines of The Road...just with an alien invasion as the backdrop.

I don't know. Just wasn't what I expected. I mean I knew it was low budget so I wasn't expecting Jurassic Park level effects or anything, but the approach of the film just wasn't what I expected/wanted. And that ending? Just seemed stupid to me and kinda anticlimactic.

Granted, I will say I was kind of multitasking through half the movie and kept getting distracted. So maybe I'll have to go back and give it another shot with full focus. I just don't see it becoming that much better though. Not to say it was bad or horrible. Just...slightly disappointing and not what I expected.

Soldierone4108d ago

Geez after reading Darks last comment i was all pumped and ready to go pick it up for rental, then you bring me down! :P haha only kidding. I understand what you mean here, im still gonna check it out though just to see what I think of it.

Dark explained that its a film style that I love, making you constantly think something is there when nothing is.

JL4108d ago

Like I said, I didn't think it was horrible, just wasn't what I was wanting/expecting. Still a decent movie though. However, I didn't really get any of that tension stuff that Dark mentioned. Maybe it was a result of being distracted a few times while watching it thus I wasn't able to get absorbed in it enough. I'll have to rewatch it.

-MD-4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Yep that's basically how I felt about it. However it did hold my attention the whole way through.

Sunny_D4107d ago

Hmmm, I might have to see it, since I love movies like this.

-MD-4107d ago

I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I think I gave it a 2/5 after I watched it.

This is a roadtrip movie. If you're expecting monsters look elsewhere.

Soldierone4107d ago

What do you mean by roadtrip movie?

-MD-4107d ago

It's just 2 people hanging out the whole time.

Soldierone4103d ago

After watching it, i completely understand now....the ending made me mad. Its basically saying when a guys nice to you its ok to leave your bf you are about to marry. Even my GF was like wtf.

Soldierone4103d ago

So I got myself to rent it and see it, and its the most misleading movie in the entire world. It shows the gas masks, aliens, and soldiers. It even starts off with an absolutely awesome war scene. Yet the entire movie is dialogue and they dont even get into the danger zone till the movie is beyond half way over.

I liked some aspects. Like when they hear noises, the war scene was godly, and the helicopters. However he didnt portray anything correctly, and everyone talking in spanish got so annoying. I cant stand mexican accents for so long im sorry lol