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( Opinion - Why, David E. Kelley, Why? Adrianne Palicki Cast as Wonder Woman

Edited!'s editor in chief, and life time comic book fan, Arcee gives his thoughts on the announcement casting Adrianne Palicki in the title role in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman television series.

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Davidmcvay4114d ago

Adrianne Palicki didn't play Kara/Supergirl in Smallville and she is also not the actress in the photo you have on your site. That actress was Laura Vandervoot and she is currently in the remake series V.

Arcee4113d ago

My apologies. I certainly did get my actresses mixed up there.

darklordzor4113d ago

Adrianne did was in the failed Aquaman pilot that CW did, but it's hard to base a comic performance off of one episode that never officially aired.

These days, I'm about done judging how an actor/actress will perform in a comic book role. Do I have my favorites? Of course. However, I've seen too many actors absolutely pull off a role, even when the fans were complaining about it.

While this girl isn't my first choice, I'm willing to give just about anyone the benefit of the doubt now.

Soldierone4113d ago

The thumb on this site and other pictures like this

Thats the reason she got chosen lol. When she is all dolled up and trying to look sexy she looks sexy. Thats what Wonder Woman is all about. When they were looking for actress' my mom constantly said "just choose the one with the bigger boobs" because thats what its going to be about.

This show isn't going to survive with the basic story they have, and its not going to survive off action or anything else. IF the girl in the Wonder Woman suit looks sexy as hell people will watch. The superhero stuff yatta yatta is there to give people an excuse to watch it.

Are there better choices? Yeah possibly. But this is a girl that already took risks with other shows and is looking for a show to take off for her career. Your not gonna score a big name for a show that has a 60 percent fail prediction.

xVeZx4113d ago

show is going to last as long as the bionic woman

xVeZx4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

the remake of bionic woman lasted 3 seasons? GTFO lol

-MD-4111d ago

Oh I wasn't even aware there was a remake. The original lasted 3 seasons. Apparently the remake lasted 8 episodes.

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