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Adrianne Palicki Is Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki ("Friday Night Lights") will star in the title role of "Wonder Woman," a new series pilot from David E. Kelley ("Boston Legal," "Ally McBeal," NBC's "Harry's Law").

The series pilot is a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman – a/k/a Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

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-MD-4113d ago

Can't really say I care for this at all. Maybe if someone like Marvel made a tv series out of a more interesting character.

Sunny_D4112d ago

Me neither. Wonder woman was nothing special. Unless, they have a cameo of a more popular superhero.

Soldierone4112d ago

Dunno about you guys, but i dont think it was a terrible choice :P

As for the story itself, I told you they would modernize it and make it differnt in many ways. The only problem I have is that the description sounds bland and boring, they still need something more.

-MD-4112d ago

Does the character of Wonder Woman even have an audience? She's always seemed like a backburner superhero like Flash or Greenlantern when compared to big hitters like Batman or Superman.

Soldierone4112d ago

In comic books she has a really small following, but she has one. She is better known for being a back burner to Batman and the Justice League though. She has a really cool backstory that fits well in a hollywood style feature film, thats why it wont work for TV.

The TV series does have a following though, probably stronger than the comics IMO because of the old show.

-MD-4112d ago

They probably should have just made it a film then.

Soldierone4112d ago

Since this show is pretty much destined to fail or not last past one season and WB is trying to work towards justice League, you can pretty much count on seeing Wonder woman on the big screen one way or another.

Sunny_D4112d ago

I never liked Wonder Woman. She seemed to strong and independent. She also comes from an island that hates men. ;p

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darklordzor4112d ago

I think that she'll do just fine...but I'm not sure about the show on the whole. I still don't really see a big market for this. Who knows, with Smallville gone, maybe comic nerds will take anything to fill that gap.

-MD-4112d ago

Smallville finally ended? Seemed like that went on foreverrr

darklordzor4112d ago

Well it's not gone yet. It's in it's 10th and final season right now. But the finale is in a couple months.

Sunny_D4112d ago

I thought the same too. I thought it needed to end. How does a 23 year old become a 33 year old an still stay a high school student? Lol. Anyways, I will definitely be watching the finale when it comes out.

Soldierone4112d ago

Because when shows try to follow the age of an actor by making him age in the show, it ends A LOT faster than normal lol.

Look at "teen" shows where they go to college or whatever, they dont last long. Some do, but its hard.

JL4112d ago

So, basically this sounds like Alias....? Which was never a hit but I think it did moderately well for a little bit.

Can't really tell how exactly they're going to play this with that description, but honestly...they're seriously missing the boat if they don't gear this towards females in some way. I mean, have the superhero aspect of it that caters to those comic book nerd types. But at the same time it should be enough of a drama and done in such a way that it also appeals to females (like your early-mid 20's types maybe?) as one of the target audiences.

This could be their foot in the door to getting more females involved with superhero type movies and broadening the market for those types of movies that Hollywood loves churning out. That strong independent woman is exactly the type to draw in that demographic.