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( Review: Ong-Bak 3 on Blu-ray

Nfamous writes:
’m a sucker for good kung fu, no matter it’s nationality. Show me someone stylishly kicking someone else’s head in and I’ll tune in like a bandit. That’s why I love Tony Jaa so much. Sure, his films make very little sense (just watch Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior for proof), but his mastery of fighting is unmatched, to the point that I want to see him make a movie with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Has to happen, folks. Has to happen.

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-MD-4114d ago

Has anyone seen this? Is it any good? I loved the first Ong-Bak but 2 was completely different and I wasn't really into it.

Sunny_D4113d ago

That pic looks really sex.... errrgh I mean homo. EWWWWW.

Arcee4114d ago

I haven't seen it but my writer on the site did. He was so-so about it. But then again, he is a big martial arts film fan.

-MD-4114d ago

Well if he's into martial arts and he only thought it was "so-so" then I should probably avoid it. The original was so good too why did they have to go and ruin it?

darklordzor4114d ago

I'm going to be honest with you...I didn't care for #2's story. It was convoluted and tried for too much. It just didn't work. However, that's not at all the reason I watched it. I probably could have watched all of the film without the subtitles and enjoyed it just as much. That being said, I'm anxious to see the third film, just because I love seeing Tony Jaa in action. I'm sure the story won't get much better, but the action is always top notch.

JL4113d ago

lol Exactly. The story could've been the worst writing in the world ever and I still would've watched it. Just like I'm still going to watch this. I don't need a story to watch Tony Jaa. Hell, just give me a montage of action and fight scenes with him and I'll be happy.

Despite the story in Part 2 taking a dive, I still very much enjoyed the movie. Just like I'm sure I'll enjoy the third. Can't wait to see it either.

By the way, you're "eager" to see it, not "anxious". "Anxious" denotes worry or nervousness in your anticipation. Sorry, had to be a grammar nazi for a second :P lol

-MD-4113d ago


I dunno... it says

2. earnestly desirous; eager (usually followed by an infinitive or for ): anxious to please; anxious for our happiness. "

I'm pretty sure his use of anxious fits in that sentence. Then again I'm no teacher.