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Scorsese & DiCaprio Reteaming For The Wolf of Wallstreet

Contrary to earlier reports, Ridley Scott will not be directing the film adaption of Jordan Belfort’s 1990 best seller The Wolf of Wall Street at Warner Bros. Instead, Vulture has learned exclusively, the project has left the studio, and Scott has left the project. Replacing him: Director Martin Scorsese, who’ll shoot his fellow Boardwalk Empire executive producer Terence Winter’s script as an indie this summer, with Leonardo DiCaprio starring.

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Sunny_D4114d ago

Hell yeah! I loved The Departed and thought it was the best movie when it came out. But, if they combine an all star cast again, this might be another hit.

-MD-4114d ago

Yeah The Departed was awesome. I haven't met a person that didn't like it. I'm lookin' forward to this one for sure.

darklordzor4113d ago

Very nice. While I can't say I have a whole lot of interest in this project, having those two back together is a good thing. I might watch it just because of that. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

JL4113d ago

Always a good thing having these two together. They haven't collaborated on a movie yet that I didn't absolutely enjoy. I'll definitely watch it just because of that. I'd like to see more about it and hear more about the story though.

filmmattic4113d ago

Terrific film premise. It's totally up my alley. Plus with Scorsese and DiCaprio, I'm all over this film.

JL4113d ago

Yea I know you love Scorsese lol. Those two do make a great pairing though.

-MD-4111d ago

They're one of those dream teams.