Dakota Fanning Goes Mississippi Wild

Ryan Donowho and Dakota Fanning have both signed on for Mississippi Wild, an action thriller gearing up to shoot soon in Atlanta, Georgia, Variety reports.

To be written and directed by Jesse Baget -- himself responsible for the 2006 indie horror film El Mascarado Massacre and the upcoming White Knight -- Wild will star Donowho and Fanning as a teenage couple who go on the run after stealing diamonds from a gangster.

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Sunny_D4248d ago

Wow, they grow up soo fast. Tears* I remember when she was just a small girl. Hopefully, she grows up to be a beautiful and intelligent young woman.Hopefully, she won't succumb to drugs like many hollywood kids tend to.

-MD-4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

How old is this chick? 18?

Edit: 16 wow.

Soldierone4248d ago

Little Miss Sunshine is still the best lol.

And she isn't working for Disney so Im sure she will be fine. The Disney stars do it because Disney pushes them so friggin hard. Daily jobs to keep the shows alive, special appearances, concerts, music videos, etc...meanwhile a child star like this does movies and moves on.

-MD-4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

She wasn't in Little Miss Sunshine.

Soldierone4248d ago

No I was referring to kids getting older lol. I probably should of made that two comments but didnt see the need till now lol.

-MD-4248d ago

I figured I was misunderstanding what you wrote lol.

JL4248d ago

I'm really interested in seeing her transition from child actor to young adult actor. She could go on to be one of the great actresses if she manages to hold it together through that transition. She can annoy me at times, but she's showed huge potential and skill as a child actor.

-MD-4246d ago

What is her best film? I've only seen like 3 movies of hers and I want to see her best work.

Soldierone4246d ago

She was in an episode of Justice League :P

She did a really good job in War of the Worlds, but the ending sucked and she isn't in it a whole lot i dont think.

JL4246d ago

Her best work? I'd probably have to say it's definitely down to "I Am Sam" or "Hide and Seek". She does well in anything she does though. But those are probably her two best performances. And I'd probably put them neck-and-neck (as least as far as her performance is concerned).