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In Defence of… Flash Gordon

Celluloid Zombie writes: When I was in college, way back in what I believe is affectionately referred to as ‘the day’, a good friend and I used to spend many idle hours debating the merits and demerits of certain movies. The one that was the most polarising between us was 1980′s Flash Gordon. Long story short, he thought it was an abomination and I adored it. I recently caught it on television, watched it again after many years and…I still adore it! I haven’t spoken to my old friend in many a year but I did find myself wondering if he still finds it as repugnant as he ever did.

Back in 1980 the cinema industry was still reeling from the effects of the Star Wars phenomenon. Every studio was churning out science fiction movies like they were potential gold mines. Some of these films were dreadful knock-offs and some were classic additions to the genre. And then there was Flash Gordon, in a class all its own.

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darklordzor4107d ago

I honestly, don't think there is anything here to defend. Flash Gordon was a fun film and a cult classic. The cheesiness is apart of it's charm and one of the reasons it remains enjoyable to watch.