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'Men in Black III' Production Pushed Back Again

LA Times :EXCLUSIVE: The theme song goes, “Here come the Men in Black.” But they’re not coming so fast.

After a hiatus of nearly two months, "Men in Black III," the third installment in the sci-fi/comedy franchise, was to resume production this week in New York. But studio Sony and the film's producers have pushed back the production date again. Shooting is now delayed to March 28 owing to ongoing script issues, according to a person close to the 3-D production who was not authorized to speak about it publicly.

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Sunny_D4119d ago

Darn! I was really hoping that this movie would come out next year. Atleast they can give a sneak peak teaser trailer this year, if we ask them reallllll nicely?

-MD-4119d ago

Eh I can wait for it.

Soldierone4119d ago

Dont know how I feel about it. In one stance its awesome I cant wait to see more. In a second stance with todays Hollywood ruining almost everything Im worried.

darklordzor4118d ago

@ Sunny_D

The release date remains unchanged. While it will be tighter, the studios say that the postponement won't have any effect on the release date. So no worries there.

On another note, I'm incredibly worried for this movie. If they are having script problems after already shooting for a month or so, that's not a good sign. It's a sign of a rushed production, and more than likely it's going to end up showing in the final product.

Soldierone4118d ago

As a film maker, nothing ticks me off more than when people start changing the script in production. Meanwhile I yell no stick to the script, no one listens, next thing you know we are improving half our scenes.

Never a good sign at all, especially on a major production.

darklordzor4118d ago

Yep, it's never a good thing. It really shouldn't get the greenlight and go into production before the script is perfected. This is a rush job.

Sunny_D4118d ago

True that. This what they said about the Trandformers 3 movie.

JL4118d ago

I don't get Hollywood's incessant need to rush things like this. It's been like 9 years since the last one. After that long, is it really that much of a race against time that we can't push the project back one more year so the script can get perfected and polished up?

It's like that Xerxes thing too. 300 was 5 or 6 years ago. And I'm pretty sure there aren't just masses of people clamoring for a follow-up film that they can't just wait till Snyder is done with Superman.