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Unknown Review - WGTC

Last year Christopher Nolan gave us Inception and you can expect rip offs of that coming through the flood gates. The trailers for Unknown make it seem somewhat of an Inception clone, but it is actually more similar to another Nolan film, Memento. We Got This Covered takes a look at the film, check out the review.

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-MD-4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

I caught him earlier on Lopez Tonight and he seems like a nice guy. I was reading the other day how this supposedly is better than Taken and I really enjoyed Taken.

Not gonna go to the theater but this is something I plan on watching.

darklordzor4111d ago

I keep hearing all of the references to Taken, and when the first trailer released, that's definitely the vibe I got from it. In my mind this is a very good thing. I loved Taken, and think Liam Neeson does an excellent job with action movies. Can't wait.

-MD-4109d ago

Agreed. I want more of what Taken offered.

Pumped for this, pumped for Taken 2.