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Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) Interested In The Golden Age

Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class writer/director/producer Matthew Vaughn tells me that a major Hollywood studio is very keen to fully fund his next big project: The Golden Age about a retirement home where superheroes end up. And the title is also a reference to early comic books of the 1930s when Superman and Batman first appeared. It's based on the yet-to-be-published comic book written by Brit TV chat show host Jonathan Ross, who’s a huge comics buff. Vaughn is currently in LA editing X-Men: First Class for Fox, but tells me he wants to get actors attached to the new project before the script is written. His wish list is Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty to play the retired superheroes who help out their grandchildren when their middle-aged parent screw up the world.

Vaughn believes the success of The Expendables and Red shows that audiences are open to the idea of older action heroes. “You have these great star names and they’re mainly playing supporting roles.

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-MD-3873d ago

I kind of want him to direct instead of just produce but if he does that then there is basically a 0% chance Kick-Ass 2 will ever become a reality.

Chloe Moretz was 11 when they filmed Kick-Ass and she just turned 14 the other day. By the time production even started on it she would be 15-16. I don't see there being much hope for a sequel now. The reason she was so fun to watch is because she was 4 feet tall and that isn't the case anymore. Then again he did say they would still do a sequel regardless of how old she gets.

Still though.

darklordzor3873d ago

I'm seriously wondering is Kick-Ass 2 will ever be made, but I'm not so sure that bothers me. I loved the first film, but I think it is strong enough to stand on its own. In a world filled with sequels, it's okay for some movies to stand out as solid, and well put together individual stories.

The Golden Age is something I really want to see though. I'm incredibly interested in this concept. I think it could be really cool. I'm tired of these cookie-cutter comic book movies. They are too similar. We need more comic book movies that change the genre and can be fresh (one of the main reasons I really liked Green Hornet).

-MD-3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I think Kick-Ass could live on just fine as a standalone film without any sequels but damn I had such a good time with the first one (seen it 7 times so far!). I want more.

Plus the plot sounded so cool for it.