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The 20 Most Awesome Movie Deaths

All a movie character can really hope for on the silver screen is to not die a puny and insignificant death. On the other hand, succumbing to death in a spectacular and magnificent fashion will immortalize you in the minds of millions. The following are 20 movies deaths the author deems among the most awesome in cinema’s history.

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darklordzor4119d ago

The deaths in The Other Guys was about the best part of that movie. One of the only things to really get me laughing. Bill Murray in Zombieland was also fantastic. Very nice list.

-MD-4119d ago

I didn't laugh much either at The Other Guys. I'm a fan of basically everybody in that movie too. It just wasn't as good as it should have been.

Oops I better avoid reading this article. I still haven't seen Leon The Professional (I know I know...)

filmmattic4118d ago

Agreed darklordzor. Bill Murray's death in Zombieland was pure hilarity. It fit the sensibility of the film so perfectly.

I've never seen Samuel L. Jackson die so abrupty and randomly in a film. We didn't get the full flare of his biting dialogue. Oh well. Didn't mind seeing The Rock take a tumble.

"Gun vs. Sword" in Indiana Jones was epic! It wasn't even originally written in the script. That makes it more badass.

Of course, Tony Montana has to top the list. That final stand just oozed shear awesomeness!

Overall, great list.

darklordzor4118d ago

@ Murderdolls

Yeah that was my issue too. There were so many good people in it, but they couldn't pull it off. It's like they couldn't decide whether it was going to be entirely goofy (like other Will Ferrell movies) or something more realistic. It ended up just being a mess.

Also, Mark Wahlberg totally couldn't pull it off. His lines were funny, but his delivery was way off. Any other actor would have been better, but it probably still wouldn't have saved the movie.

Sunny_D4118d ago

Wow, Johnny Depp was young. That scene was kind of weird back when I saw it. But, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND, will always be memorable.

JL4118d ago

Yea I think "Say hello to my little friend" will always stand as one of those iconic movie scenes.