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The Amazing Spider-Man - Suit Analysis

IGN pours over a number of costume photos -- both official and spy pics -- to provide a clearer look at The Amazing Spider-Man's new duds.

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darklordzor3872d ago

I really like the costume. I know some fans aren't totally into it, but I actually feel this looks better, even more realistic than the previous Spidey costume.

Sunny_D3872d ago

I was a hater of the suit when I saw the on set pics, but this official pic makes it seems so badass, that it made me a believer. Plus, I don't think the original Spider man ever made a pose that awesome. :p

Soldierone3871d ago

Im a big Spiderman fan and have tons of Spiderman stuff. I think one of my posters has a slightly cooler pose haha, its from the 90's.

JL3871d ago

lol I agree, that pose is just awesome. And yea, this image indeed makes it look badass.

-MD-3871d ago

I can't believe people are STILL hating on the new suit after seeing this. So many fanboys on the internet crying as loud as they can.

It looks badass like you said JL. What's to hate?

filmmattic3871d ago

I agree. The suit looks much improved over the supposed 'spy shots.' This official look highlights the sleek, crisp style of the original with a more refined, contemporary quality! I dug it!

Soldierone3871d ago

Its better because this is what we will see in the film. The spy shots didnt jazz up anything so it looks stupid. Any film will look stupid during production, acting will look terrible and visuals will be bland. ITs in post production where the magic happens.

Soldierone3872d ago

It looks more modern and should still have detail in a distance. i think that was the whole point of the costume since half the movie is either a medium shot of him from the chest up, or a full shot out in the distance fighting and swinging away.

Sunny_D3872d ago

I don't know about that, but atleast they kept the eye size and head design nearly identical if not the same.

-MD-3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I prefer this suit to the old one. I also prefer this actor to the old one. As well as the cast.

darklordzor3871d ago

You know, I wasn't a fan of the costume either from all of the leaked pictures, but I kept telling myself that it's not how it would look on camera. On camera you have different lighting set up as well as color correction, so it would look way different. Glad to see I was right.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention this before, but I love the pose!

xino3871d ago

after the side by side!
the new spidy costume is way better!

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