MMGN: Black Swan Review

"No single movie has so perfectly captured the essence of insanity before Black Swan, which is incredibly compelling and slightly disturbing to watch."

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-MD-4238d ago

Another perfect score. I can't believe I haven't forced myself to the theater for this one... well too late now since it left a week or two ago.

I want to see what's so disturbing about it.

JL4238d ago

I'm not so sure "disturbing" is an accurate word for it, though I'm pretty sure I used that word in my review for it as well. Maybe more "eerie" than "disturbing".

Not sure how to describe it now without just copying and pasting the review I wrote lol. But basically it's something of a gritty character-study that gives an in-your-face look at obsession, all turned into a psychological thriller.

There were many layers to it too. Without giving details away, the story plays out in a manner so as to exam multiple things from the performing arts to obsession to greed to innocence to...several things.

Haunting. That might be more appropriate. But haunting almost in a "hits home", realistic, makes you re-exam things type way.

I could type all day and my words won't do the movie justice. You definitely have to see if for yourself. Lucky for you it comes out soon on DVD. March 25th if I'm not mistaken.

-MD-4238d ago

I'm hearing March 8th but we'll see.

JL4237d ago

Hmm I guess there's some confusion surrounding that release. DVD Clinic is what I usually use to check release dates, outside of the ones I get press releases for. Usually they're about as accurate as they come. That's where I got March 25th from.

Though, looking around, I do see a few sites saying March 8th. And some even saying April. Amazon doesn't even list a date, just that it's available for preorder. That's kinda weird if the release is as close as March or even April.