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Rango's Second Clip

The second clip from the film Rango featuring the voice of Johnny Depp. Rango opens in theaters on March 4th, 2011.

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darklordzor4241d ago

The more I see from this movie, the more I really want to see it. I think it looks really funny. Besides, I still like Gore Verbinski and am really interested in seeing an animated film from him. The animation looks great too!

Sunny_D4241d ago

Woah, for some reason I got a Bug's Life feel from the trailer. I was really excited. But, this looks cool.

-MD-4238d ago

I'm not really expecting this to perform well at the box office. It's got Depp but it doesn't look like something I would have wanted to see when I was younger.

It's too gritty looking.