Sucker Punch First TV Spots

The first TV spots for the upcoming Zack Snyder directed film "Sucker Punch".

Sucker Punch opens in conventional and IMAX theaters on March 25th, 2011.

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-MD-4494d ago

I'm so pumped for this film you guys don't even know. Now I just need to find someone to tag along to the theater with me.

JL4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

Me too. This is my must-see movie of the year (right up there with Sherlock Holmes 2). I've been pumped for it the moment I saw the first teaser trailer. I've really enjoyed Snyder's work thus far.

I'll just make my girlfriend tag along. Hot girls in schoolgirl outfits with guns and swords (and apparently musical numbers), she shouldn't mind :D If she does I'll just go alone, I have no problem with that. That's how I saw Black Swan.

-MD-4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

I wish I had a girlfriend to see Black Swan with...

JL4494d ago

lol My girlfriend was kind of jealous that I went to see it without her.

-MD-4493d ago

I've never seen a movie in a theater alone except the first 20 minutes of Kick-Ass as I was waiting for my friend to show up.

JL4493d ago

Yea, apparently most people are bothered by doing that for some reason. I've done it several times (always resulting in friends making jokes about it). I don't know. I'm just weird I guess. I don't mind it at all. And sometimes even prefer it.

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Soldierone4494d ago

I was so interested in this film with just the teaser. Then the more detailed trailers caame out and it kinda changed but im still pumped for it

-MD-4494d ago

It's supposedly going to have musical elements to it. From what I understand the cast sings a song before they go into the dream world and since the story involves them finding 4-5 items then I assume there will be 4 or 5 musical numbers.

I trust them with the film.

JL4494d ago

Really? I wasn't aware there were musical numbers in it. That almost kinda sucks lol

Soldierone4494d ago

You just scared the crap out of me with this movie. If thats true, ill be one disapointed fellow. If its just singing as in part of the story, like a lallabye or something thats fine.

darklordzor4493d ago

I can't wait for this movie. While it's not my #1 must-see movie this year, it's definitely one that's been on my radar for a very long time. I love Snyder's work and think he's a powerful director (I know he's fallen out of favor with some). I'm ready to see something totally original from him, and I hope it knocks everyone's socks off, just to prove the haters wrong.

Shani4493d ago

I am so hyped for this Movie as much as I am hyped for Killzone 3. All the videos I have seen for this movie shows full action.
Can't wait for it.