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Russell Brand & SNL Wage War On The British Gangster Genre: Mocking Guy

FilmMattic writes: Thanks to the collective forces of Twitter and the prescience of a talented writer, I have another hilarious video to present to the blogging community. A casual presumption from one of my growing Twitter friends, Alexander Hammond, author of "Tales From the Edge of Forever," proves to be a perfectly apt, riotous encapsulation of my keen tastes for comedic parodies. Rising actor and funny man, Russell Brand of Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame, and more importantly, last Saturday's host of the eminent American skit show Saturday Night Live, has helped orchestrate a fantastically amusing parody of British Gangster films—and yes, I am still shocked at this development.

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-MD-4120d ago

"The one guy in the tracksuit, he was good"


JL4120d ago

HAHAHAHA That was hilarious

The critic quotes were some of the best things about that.

"Is there a way to turn on subtitles for a movie that's already in English? If so, what button is it?" lol

"I don't think I heard a single consonant" lol

filmmattic4120d ago

Very true. I especially loved the quotes. Glad you both enjoyed it!