New Stills From Winnie the Pooh

he Walt Disney Company’s newest 2D feature, Winnie the Pooh, will be out in theaters July 15th. This time, “Owl sends the whole gang on a wild quest to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit. It turns out to be a very busy day for a bear who simply set out to find some hunny.” 12 stills were recently released and here’s a look at all of them. The animation looks amazing-can’t wait.

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JL3707d ago

Looking good. I think I'll definitely have to check this one out.

-MD-3707d ago

I'll make a note of this one for my little nephew. He's always looking for new stuff to watch.

Hell I might even enjoy it too.

JL3707d ago

Right, your nephew. ;) You know you'll enjoy it.

-MD-3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Ehhhh I used to watch it when I was super young but I haven't seen Winnie the Pooh in probably over a decade.

I probably will enjoy it though since I enjoy most kid films. They're relaxing to me.

JL3707d ago

Yea they're relaxing to me too in a sense. Especially the ones I remember watching as a kid. At the end of the day, I'm still a big kid at heart.

Sunny_D3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I'll say it...


I also love the old school look its going for.

JL3707d ago

Yea, besides better resolution, it looks just like the Winnie the Pooh I remember as a kid.

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Soldierone3707d ago

Its cool that they are going with a classic look to it. I thought that style of cartoons died off in films, but its rampart all over TV. I still prefer "2d" style animation in some cases, even with comic book films.

I dunno if i can drag myself to watching this with dignitiy though haha, but my GF might.

Sunny_D3707d ago

What I really hate in today's cartoons is that they put crappy 3d models in a 2d cartoon. Like when they show a landscape or vista, it's all 3d.

Soldierone3707d ago

Yeah, in some cases that is understandable. Its really easy to do with certain programs out today, but it looks terrible.

The animation I really hate with a passion is the cell shaded animation.

Sunny_D3706d ago

Well, I think a lot of animes use Cel shaded. But, I could be wrong. If Naruto and DBZ used it, then I guess I don't hate it.