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An In-Depth Look At All 15 Films That Influenced the Metal Gear Solid Series

Chris Carter writes: "Hideo Kojima made headlines by announcing “15 films that influenced the Metal Gear Solid series”. Some of the chosen movies range from obvious (Goldfinger) to obscure (Bourne Identity), and Chris Carter takes an in-depth look at each of the films Mr. Kojima chose, and why he may have chosen them.

Any spoilers outside of a general plot outline will be marked within the analysis. If you love the Metal Gear series, or classic films, this is a must read."

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Soldierone4109d ago

Im a HUGE MGS fan and its pretty obvious that it took inspiration from other films. This is of course the whole reason no studio is pushing to get it as it is too similar to certain ones. That and Kojima out right said which films inspired the first games.

The only thing about this article, while it has some good points, some of the stuff is core inspirations that can be drawn back to early movies for anything. Like middle eastern war doesn't have to be Black Hawk Down for example. A lot of films can be drawn to older films, every single one of them can be lead back to King Arthur.

darklordzor4108d ago

MGS is my all time favorite franchise. And the NES game was actually the first videogame I finished all the way through when I was younger. I've got a good collection of MGS stuff (comics, toys, even the rare and hard to find games).

One of the things I've always loved is how closely they're related to movies and share strong ties with them. I enjoyed the article. Very nice.

Soldierone4108d ago

Same here haha. i have the first issue of the comic book before reprints came out, which was and still is an absolute pain to find.

Sunny_D4108d ago

The Snake Pliskin part from MGS2 was soo inspired by movies.