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NextMovie: Black History Month - 9 Rising Stars

After a decade in which more black actors won Academy Awards than in the past seventy years combined, 2011 represents a setback: the Oscars failed to nominate a single black artist, and Vanity Fair’s influential “Young Hollywood” cover featured a single black performer.

So here at NextMovie, we’re gonna celebrate Black History Month by highlighting the hottest, up-and-coming young black actors. These nine-under-30 might not all be household names yet, but we think they represent the next generation of Anthony Mackies, Zoe Saldanas, and Will Smiths (literally).

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JL4109d ago

I would love to see Jaden grow up to be as great an actor as his dad is. I'm not entirely sold that he has it in him though. And if he does, not sure he'll ever reach that potential if his dad just keeps pandering to him rather than letting him have to truly prove himself.

Soldierone4109d ago

I was thinking the same thing, and then he also appeared in the Justin Bieber documentary. He did some singing, and he was really good at rapping his lyrics but he still has some work to go.

I'm not sure if he will be like Will or not to be honest, but either way he should grow to be something great. I hope.

Sunny_D4109d ago

Jaden is going to be the kid actor who grows up to do another career. While his father will be an actor for the years to come, Jaden will be graduated from college.