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January Jones Acknowledges The X-Men: First Class Production Is Rushed

X-Men: First Class stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and January Jones are all out doing press right now for other projects, which means that once they've finished talking about Gnomeo & Juliet, Jane Eyre and Unknown, respectively, they're hit with at least one or two questions about the latest mutant film, which we all got our first look at with the trailer that hit last week. McAvoy told Eric about the reshoots the cast has been doing, and now Jones is addressing the issue as well in an interview with Jam! Showbiz, in which she calls the film's quick shooting schedule "unreasonable."

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-MD-4242d ago

Oh great they're rushing it. Awesome.

The only reason I'm seeing this one is because Vaughn impressed me so much with Kick-Ass. I hope this does well for him so we have a shot at production starting on Kick-Ass 2.

Soldierone4242d ago

its FOX do you expect anything more from them?

Sunny_D4242d ago

Oh boy, that's a... good sign. This movie might as well not be worth watching at all now.