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John Turturro and Eddie Izzard Join 'Cars 2' Voice Cast

Walt Disney unveiled here Monday that two of the new characters in Cars 2 are voiced by John Turturro and Eddie Izzard.

The news was announced during an event tied to Toy Fair, which opened here this weekend.

Turturro is behind Italian race car and Lightning McQueen rival Francesco Bernoulli, Cars 2 director and Pixar and Walt Disney Amination Studios creative chief John Lasseter said in a video message at the event.

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JL4242d ago

Sounds like two very nice additions to me. Turturro is just awesome, period. Izzard, I think, is hilarious.

Would be interesting to see Izzard (intelligent British-ish humor) and Larry the Cable Guy ("dim-witted" Southern/Redneck humor) have some back and forth comedic banter.

-MD-4242d ago

Both solid additions to the Cars franchise no doubt.

Soldierone4242d ago

Im interested to see what Eddie will bring to this film. He is funny and has a British humor, so it will be interesting. Cars 2 got all the more interesting lol.

JL4242d ago

Yea, I really like Eddie. Hope it's not just a really small menial part though.

I'm actually a big fan of the first Cars, so I was definitely looking forward to this one too.

Sunny_D4242d ago

I never liked Cars tbh. Probably the only Pixar movie I couldn't care less for.

Soldierone4242d ago

To be honest, its the one film from Pixar I care the least about. I think it was the only year i was rooting for another animated film to win the Oscar.

JL4242d ago

See, I hear that a lot. That seems to be the general consensus: Cars is the "worst" of the Pixar movies. But quite frankly it was one of my favorites. There are definitely others that I enjoyed less than I did Cars.

-MD-4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

I thought Cars was pretty decent movie. Some of the characters were really memorable (then again mostly everything Pixar does is memorable).

I think Pixar's weakest film is A Bugs Life. I believe their best work is Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc though. I haven't seen Ratatouille yet.

JL4242d ago

I agree, A Bug's Life is the one I'd consider the weak link in Pixar's catalog. Even that's still a pretty decent movie though. Pixar just doesn't make bad ones.

For the best, though, I'd have to partially disagree. I can't stand Finding Nemo anymore. Part of that is due to a nephew that made me watch it twice a day, 5 days a week for....a long time. Suffice to say I've probably seen that movie more times than any other movie possibly. My favorites would have to be Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.

Ratatouille I'd probably rate somewhere along the lines of The Incredibles.

If I had to rank them all it would be:
1. Toy Story (I'll put the whole trilogy here as one since they all were about equally as good; though the first was the best of them all.)
2. Monsters, Inc.
3. Cars
4. Wall-E
5. Finding Nemo
6. Up
7. The Incredibles or Ratatouille
8. Ratatouille or The Incredibles
9. A Bug's Life

Sunny_D4241d ago

Mine would be
1. Toy story 2
2. Toy story
3. Monster's Inc
4. The Incredibles
5. Up
6. Finding Nemo
7. Bug's Life
8. Ratotouille
9. Wall e
10. Cars

I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, but I have the Dvd and will make judgement.

-MD-4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I haven't seen Ratatouille but I'll rank the rest

1: Finding Nemo
2: Monsters Inc
3: Toy Story trilogy
4: Up
5: The Incredibles
6: Wall-E (The movie started out good but went downhill)
7: Cars
8: A Bug's Life

It's been a long time since I've seen some of these movies though so my opinion would probably change if I watched them again.