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First Arthur Poster

The film is a remake of the same-named Dudley Moore movie, with well known, drunken lothario Russell Brand in the title role. The film should hit a lot of the high-notes of the previous version, but maybe even have more fun with it since at some point Arthur will dress up like Batman and hop in the Batmobile. Everything’s better with the Batmobile.

For now here’s a look at the movie’s first poster.

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martynmj4109d ago

I find Russell Brand really quite annoying but the film looks like it could be funny

-MD-4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

There's a certain charm about him that makes me enjoy his work in films.

Sunny_D4109d ago

All I will remember him for is the guy who married Katy Perry! :0

-MD-4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

Helen Mirren did an awesome job in RED so I'm looking forward to anything she does

I used to think Jennifer Garner was mediocre looking for an actress but she gets better looking every year.

I just checked out the director and it says this is his first motion picture... that doesn't sound good but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

JL4109d ago

Maybe first feature film but he does have experience under his belt. For instance, Modern Family. He's directed like half of the episodes for that show so far. And I think that show is great. Definitely one of my favorite shows on right now.