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CelluoidZombie: Top Ten Movie Couples

Celluloid Zombie:
It’s that time of year. Well, that day of the year. Cupid is abroad in the land, drawing back his bow and forcing men everywhere to do the things they really should be doing all year round, without his chubby help.

No doubt, part of the Valentine’s rituals across the world will be the sitting down to watch a romantic movie together. With that in mind, here is a list of my ten favourite movie couples. Be warned, though, I like movie couples who are a little bit different so you won’t find the likes of Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman or Casablanca here. So, if you’re getting tired of yearly re-runs of Love, Actually, why not give one of these a go instead.

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-MD-4114d ago

I've never even seen Garden State but Natalie Portman wins by default.

CelluloidZombie4114d ago

Now that's star power, right there. Go, Natalie.

darklordzor4113d ago

What and odd and varied list. I like that you went with a lot more lesser known films, rather than the pics that could be considered the norms. Very nice though.