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Project-Blu Blu Ray Review For 'The Color Purple'

ProjectBlu writes:
Steven Spielberg., The man has built an amazing resume with the movies he has directed, let alone the multitude of hits he was solely a producer for. He most certainly has made a huge name for himself in the film industry. The Indiana Jones series and Jurassic Park are among his most popular films ever created, and then, you have the classic children’s movie ‘E.T.’ which was once the highest grossing film ever. ‘Catch Me if You Can’ is one of his films that I just love, and think is incredibly well written from beginning to end. Although Spielberg has done so many popular and great films, there is one that just stands out among the rest. No matter how popular and big the other hits may be, this film has always stood out on a whole different level, which Spielberg may never be able to touch again.

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Sunny_D4109d ago

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Sorry, but this song is awesome!