Tim Burton's New Movie Frankenweenie Will Be Stop Motion 3D

NERDSociety writes "Tim Burton will be working with Disney again for his upcoming movie, Frankenweenie. I hated Alice In Wonderland but this project sounds fun because it will be stop motion black and white and converted to 3-D."

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-MD-3623d ago

Stop motion = win.

Now if only we could get a sequel to A Night Before Christmas.

-MD-3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Nightmare... And I guess it's called "The" Nightmare Before Christmas.


Soldierone3623d ago

I dunno about that one lol. Its a pretty friggin cool movie and something that could be revisited one day, but a second would just ruin the entire feeling of it all in my opinion.

I like his stop motion stuff though, could care less about the 3D.

GodsHand3622d ago

I would not mind some more based off Nightmare before christmas, hell they had the other doors that lead to another place with a different them of a holiday.

JL3622d ago

I was actually with Soldier on the idea that a sequel just wouldn't work. However, you do make a valid point. They did indeed have the other doors. So, they could work something there.

Then again, the "appeal" of Nightmare Before Christmas was the whole thing of Halloween and Christmas converging. Two holidays that are pretty much polar opposites. Not sure what other holidays you could do and still capture that same appeal. Ok, nevermind. Now that I thought it through like that, I'm back with agreeing with Soldier. Sorry lol

Sunny_D3622d ago

Hmmm, I was hoping to see Thanksgiving and Easter mixing, lol. Maybe it would be the Easter Turkey? LoL

GodsHand3622d ago

They had the bunny come out, where the guy with the butcher knife in his head said "Buuuunny", which in turn scared the rabbit back into the sack.

MrMyers3622d ago

I bet this will be cool. I like Tim Burton's work and I loved Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

gaden_malak3622d ago

Wow, I went to a Burton exhibition a few months back (batmobile ftw) and frankenweenie was one of his first projects.