Is ‘The King’s Speech’ Really All That Deserving?

Ailsa Travers Writes:The 2011 Orange British Academy Film Awards took place last night, sparking the buzz that will burn through to the Oscars later this month. A couple of hours of mildly entertaining red-carpet action kept me hyped up for the ceremony, something that, unlike the Anual Academy Awards, I was not particularly looking forward too.

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JL4118d ago

I agree with the basic premise that The King's Speech wasn't really deserving of all those awards. I mean come on, Best Supporting Actor, really? Bale should be an absolute lock for that award through all awards shows. I don't even agree with the Best Supporting Actress. I'm still astonished how Leo or Weaver didn't get a nominee. Also I'd probably fairly easily give Hershey or Adams the win over Carter.

Original screenplay? No thanks. While I enjoyed The King's Speech well enough, I do think it was a bit overhyped. The acting was very good (I don't mind Firth winning Best Actor though I'd prefer Franco), but the movie itself was kind of boring at times and a bit dull. No way in the world was it nearly as creative and well written as Black Swan or Inception.

Original Music: I would've preferred to see Inception win too out of those nominees. Honestly, not sure how Tron didn't get a nomination though. I would've also been fine with 127 Hours getting the win here as well.

Cinematography: The King's Speech didn't win here but I don't agree with the author about 127 Hours should have got it. Cinematography was nice, but I think hands-down that category should go to Black Swan or Inception.

All in all, yes I think BAFTA did show their bias here. The King's Speech just isn't deserving of a sweep like that in my opinion.