Spider-Man's New Title (and Photo)

The Spider-Man reboot now has an official title. And IGN also has the first official look at the character with his mask on.

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Soldierone4240d ago

That picture revives everything for me! Looks so awesome, glad they released it.

JL4239d ago

I gotta agree. That picture does look really awesome. I'm definitely liking it.

Sunny_D4239d ago

Hell yeah! That's my new wallpaper!

Soldierone4239d ago

I may have to create a new desktop design in photoshop now :P

LtSkittles4240d ago

Sounds like they're going for The Dark Knight approach which isn't terrible at all.

tunaks14240d ago

its called the amazing spiderman... hmm what happed to an "Ultimate" take on it.

Still not digging the reboot.

xino4240d ago

Ultimate is based on the Young Peter.

I like Ultimate in Shattered Dimensions

Yi-Long4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

... is that once again they're casting 20-something actors in the roles of teenagers, which I feel is ridiculous.

Especially if you're going to turning this into a franchise, where you'll soon run into the problem having a thirty-something actor playing a 19-20 year old.

Parker is supposed to be a skinny small insecure geeky quiet 15 year old who gets his powers. Not a 28 year old muscular hearthrob.

JL4239d ago

I'd hardly call Andrew Garfield a "muscular heartthrob".

Yi-Long4239d ago

... but I'm pretty sure he's more muscular than the teenage Parker from the comicbooks... ;)

Sunny_D4239d ago

Well, to tell you the truth. Not many 15 year old actors could actually be found that could actually take on the role of a Spider man. Plus, they would have to find a kid who doesn't look to babyish and also have to be muscular. Not only that, but if people saw that some kid was the new main character, then people wouldn't take the movie seriously.

Soldierone4238d ago

I think finding the 16 year old would be hard, but at the same time look at Harry Potter for an example.

I know from experience its really hard to get the Spiderman body at that age. However once you hit 20 or so its really easy to start putting on weight.

I dont think this guy looks too old though, and he isn't too big either so there really isnt that big of an issue.

Yi-Long4238d ago

... but considering the sequels which will inevitably come, you'd need someone at least under 20. I'm sure it would have been possible to find a 18 year old guy with a little muscle-tone...

Problem with this Andrew Garfield guy is that he's already 28. He might be a great and convincing Parker right now, but you need to think ahead 5-6 years from now, when they'll be doing Spider-Man 3 and he's almost 35...

TBH though, I honestly feel they should go completely CGI with these kind of movies.

That way you can stay MUCH closer to the original vision, including spectacular effects plus character-design, plus it would be much cheaper, budget-wise, and allow for much more creative freedom.

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xino4240d ago


it's true!
it should be called Amazing Spiderman because the costume looks AMAZING!:)

though the eyes are green:/ must be a reflection:)

JL4239d ago

That picture definitely does make it look pretty awesome. And actually the eyes appear to be something of a reflective amber color. Kinda like the way they looked on the cover of the Spider-Man 2 movie.

Sunny_D4239d ago

yeah, it's more yellowish. Hmmm, maybe the eyes have a secret in them. Time to get the magnifying glass.

-MD-4239d ago

Plus Emma Stone is going to be in it.

Love me some Emma Stone.

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