Top 5 Models Turned Actresses

Player Affinity writes: "The Adam Sandler-headlined comedy Just Go With It opens in theaters nationwide today. Romantic comedy standby Jennifer Aniston stars alongside the comedian, but another actor takes a prominent role in the film: Brooklyn Decker."

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Quagmire3877d ago

1, 4 and 5. At the same time if possible, giggity goo.

kingjoker343876d ago

Not Samurai Jack! Change ur avatar back to quagmire:(

Sunny_D3876d ago

Damn it! I miss Samurai Jack! I wish they would give the proper ending to him...

Iroquois_Pliskin3876d ago

they sure have purty mouth mmmmmmmmm

meetajhu3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Cameron Diaz is so skinny i really hate her now!

thewhoopimen3876d ago

The description is... haggard. Waaaay too much sun damage. Aged her like *snap*

Sunny_D3876d ago

I never liked her to be honest. She seems way to weird or some reason...

Soldierone3876d ago

I honestly didn't even know she was a model, but I guess thats why every movie she is in tries to pass her off as the "hot girl." I never found her attractive and he acting is alright but not phenominal like they make it out to be.

-MD-3876d ago

I think she's still pretty hot.

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Soldierone3876d ago

To be honest the only one I really like is number 1 lol. The rest are like meh. Halle Barry is a good actress, but some of her latest stuff isn't as great.

-MD-3876d ago

As far as acting goes Theron takes it. If we're talking looks I'm going with a Theron/Diaz tie with Berry being close.

Basinger has never impressed me, Roberts has never impressed me and I haven't seen Halle Berry do anything good in years.