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Home & Theater Rewind: Five Favorite Films Featuring Adam Sandler

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: This list is in no particular order. These are just some of my favorite films that Adam Sandler, the actor and star of the new film Just Go With It, has been in over the years that I enjoyed either solely because of him or it was a generally well made and enjoyable film. It has taken me some time to realize this but I truly believe any movie that Adam Sandler makes where he does some kind of weird voice is complete garbage. That being said though he has made some good or even great films during his career that still give me hope that we will get Sandler back in some films that are legitimately good. If all we have to look forward to in the future though is stuff like Grownups then we are in for some rough times ahead.

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MrMyers4117d ago

Nice list although I might disagree with some of the picks or the positioning of them. I'd put Billy Madison over Wedding Singer and I liked Reign Over Me more than Punch Drunk Love, I would actually probably put Happy Gilmore on my list before Punch Drunk.

dweavis4117d ago

I am a huge P.T. Anderson fan so that's why Punch Drunk is on there. And remember, the list is in no particular order so their current order doesn't reflect my feelings on them in any way. I like them all. But I guess if I had to pick a favorite of the bunch it would be Punch Drunk. Happy Gilmore was good and had some classic moments but as a film I thought it wasn't as solid as the other ones listed.

Soldierone4117d ago

Aww man you can't have an Adam Sandler list without The Waterboy and especially Happy Gilmore! Happy Gilmore is probably my favorite of all his movies followed by Billy Madison.