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NERDSociety writes "SAW began as a low-budget (and pretty well-made) movie many years ago and started the “torture porn” phenomenon that is still around to this day. Torture porn is on the decline and the SAW films have also gone down-hill with time."

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JL3516d ago

I just got finished watching this actually. Wasn't that bad. Had some redeeming qualities. Definitely not as good as the original though. I guess a grade of "mediocre" would sound about right.

bolland1233515d ago

It wasn't the worse movie in the franchise but hopefully this will be the last.

Soldierone3515d ago

Do you guys thing its worth buying or even renting? Or should i just wait till Halloween?

JL3515d ago

I definitely wouldn't buy it. Unless you just have all the others and want to complete the collection. Other than that, not worth it.

Renting, I'd say sure if you liked the others. I got it sent to me through Netflix.

Soldierone3515d ago

I dont get control of physical Netflix since it isn't mine lol, just streaming.

Hopefully it hits netflix streaming sometime this year and ill watch it. I wasn't too fond of the one just before this one, was it like 4? The first one was good then it was a downhill slide from there.

JL3515d ago

Yea I really enjoyed the first one. I thought the second was still decent (or maybe the third--I don't know they start running together after a point) it was a downhill slide though after the first one or two. But if you've liked the franchise to a degree, then yea I'd say watch it. Just don't go out of your way or spend a lot of money (ie buying it) to see it.

And no, the last one wasn't 4. This one here is actually #7. Yea, I definitely got ran into the ground lol