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Official X-Men: First Class Trailer

20th Century Fox have just released the official X-Men: First Class trailer.

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Soldierone4125d ago

The beginning started out like it was actually gonna be a good film, but then they started trying to show off visuals and I have a feeling its just gonna be another one of those types of movies....Dunno yet.

gaffyh4124d ago

I think it looks pretty good actually, a lot better than what I expected.

Sunny_D4123d ago

Yeah, hopefully the internal conflict between Magneto and Professor X is a good one and not so black and white.

JL4124d ago

I don't know about this one. Nothing that I have seen is really making me feel good about this project. I was excited for it at first, then they started showing stuff. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see.

MrMyers4124d ago

The Beast is my favorite character from X-Men but he looks pretty stupid in this trailer.

Sunny_D4123d ago

He does, but I think I like how Nightcrawler looks.

tunaks14124d ago

this looks horrendous.

Sunny_D4123d ago

Yeah, I can't argue with you. Doesn't look so hot. But, the dude from wanted does really have Professor X's look.

-MD-4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Yeah it kinda looks meh. Maybe not horrendous. It does have a good director and some decent actors though so maybe it'll turn out good.

This is an origin story right? I might be down for that.

darklordzor4124d ago

I think the trailer has it's good and bad points to it...but I'm cautiously optimistic. It wasn't the best trailer in the world, but it had some aspects to it that I liked. Really just need to see more. Another trailer would help greatly.

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