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Inception's Oscar Fate: Warner Bros Spearheads a Majestic Cause

FilmMattic writes: In a fantastic and transparent effort to influence the Academy, Warner Bros. has produced a mesmerizing 5-minute featurette of Christopher Nolan's Inception. Rarely do I highlight the work of a major studio. On this occasion though, I applaud Warner Bros. Any institution that staunchly champions the cause of Nolan is a worthy institution in my book. Well-done, WB.

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JL3947d ago

I'm not even really sure what to say here. That video actually gave me chills lol. Very nice. You know Nolan is one of the all-time greatest when phenomenal actors like Leo and Michael Caine are calling him "the best" and stuff, talking about his work being impeccable.

filmmattic3947d ago

You're not the only one to get goosebumps from that video. Once I saw it, I knew I had to write something. Nolan is brilliant, and I was happy to see Di Caprio and Caine effusively praise him. Let's hope this video registers with the Academy voters next time Nolan directs a masterpiece. Perhaps, they will not be so reluctant to award him with their greatest honor.

MrMyers3947d ago

Inception was awesome and Chris Nolan is the man. This should win all the awards it can get.

Soldierone3947d ago

That was friggin awesome, even though it was an advert, some of the stuff they showed is so cool. I still dont think it will win purely because of it being the Oscars and they love not picking the right choice.

You guys up there scared me, i thought it was gonna be a freaky video haha

JL3946d ago

lol Nah, nothing freaky. It was just so awesome and hearing them talk about how amazing Nolan is....gave me those kinda of awe-inspiring type chills.

And yes, you're right. I doubt this will get Best Picture. And we know Nolan got ripped off on Best Director. I could see it making a definite run on the technical awards though like Cinematography, Visual Effects, etc. And honestly, I think it might have a fighting chance in the screenplay category.

VMAN_013947d ago

It really does deserve best picture but we all know how the Oscars work and it will go to some drama picture like social network or black swan, true grit etc. I'm not saying those are bad movies at all but I feel the most original, challenging and cerebral movie to come out in years should win Best Picture and that movie is Inception.