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The Media Stomp: Take Me Home Tonight Review

Jeremy Lebens of Media Stomp wrote "I don't think I have had this much fun at the theaters since MacGruber or Hot Tub Time Machine. Take Me Home Tonight is a very funny comedy that manages to stay grounded and never get stupid. Yes, I know that I mentioned MacGruber and Hot Tub Time Machine, the first of which can be described as a "stupid" comedy and the second can be described as "dumb", but I honestly can say that both were hilarious and while Take Me Home Tonight was very funny, it felt like something that could really happen. There wasn't really any moments in the movie that were completely unbelievable, given the circumstances. It's a great 80's comedy that never really pokes fun at the 80's, instead it manages to submerge you into it. Excellent cast and script filled with one awesome soundtrack that I plan on buying as soon as it becomes available."

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