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No Ra's al Ghul in Dark Knight Rises

IGN:Even though director Christopher Nolan has set his Batman films in a more or less real world setting, some fans have still speculated that Liam Neeson's Ra's al Ghul character -- last seen taking a dive onboard a plummeting train -- might return to the series. What do you think was his answer?

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Soldierone4114d ago

Well I saw some cuts coming for sure. Right now the movie is sounding like Spiderman 3 with characters galore. So some cuts are of course needed. The only issue I have is these characters already developed, just like throwing the Scarecrow in the second one. You already developed him so his part doesn't need explanation.

Meanwhile we have 3 villians and 2 other characters already confirmed for this movie. You have to develop all 5 plus whatever other star is added in merely two hours....

LtSkittles4114d ago

3 villains? Right now there's only Bane confirmed. Noone has any idea what role Selina Kyle will be, seeing as she has a history of being either good, or bad. Noone knows who JGL is playing, and then we have Alfred, Lucius Fox,(He is returning right?) and then we have Batman/Bruce.

VMAN_014114d ago

Its Chris Nolan, I have faith.

Sunny_D4112d ago

Meh, not good to do. But, Ras Al Ghul is not needed. How could he really tie in with Bane and Catwoman in these movies?

JL4114d ago

I'm fine with him not being in there. I mean the story has moved beyond him at this point. And I think, for all intents and purposes, in Nolan's BatWorld, Ra's is dead (none of that supernatural stuff in Nolan's Batworld).

LtSkittles4114d ago

Right, I thought Lazarus pits probably wouldn't be in Nolan's, and was thinking before Aaron Eckhart was told he wasn't coming back maybe Two-Face would be in it seeing as we never saw his body after he fell.

JL4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

See I never got that whole thing about people thinking Two-Face was coming back. Not to single you out, cause LOTS of people thought that. It just didn't make sense to me. Let's break it down.

Let's say Two-Face didn't die. That means Batman and Gordon would both know he was still alive. Thus, they had to know he would've been coming back to wreak havoc since he had gone off the deep end. Thus, the whole "let's make him a martyr and Batman will be the bad guy on the run" wouldn't last long at all. Not to mention, police swarmed the place not long after. So if he wasn't dead they would've found him alive, or his body was missing. In which case it would've been a much bigger conspiracy/cover up with practically the whole police department involved in it.

Even if you can explain the absence of a body or the mass cover-up, you're still left with Two-Face showing back up not long after Batman is on the run. And obviously people are going to recognize Two-Face as being Harvey Dent. Thus, they're going to quickly realize Batman isn't the bad guy. Therefore, the entire cliffhanger of Batman being on the run from TDK is quickly lost in TDKR and is completely wasted.

It just wouldn't make sense.

LtSkittles4114d ago

True, you do make great points, just thought maybe he'd end up in Arkham, or something, but they know what they're doing, and Two-Face would probably make it overfilled with villains.

Soldierone4114d ago

However, when do villians ever die in the comics?

In an instance that this is Nolans run, so its like his 12 part series so whatever happens happens because its his world. So in otherwords Two Face dies in his world, the next director could do whatever and start clean just like a new 12 part seres.

However you could easily bring back Two Face and erase everything. They do it in the cartoons all the time. Perhaps he finally gets a "heart" and comes back to let Batman not be the bad guy? Its all possible, not saying it will happen or has any chance, but its possible. I wouldnt be suprised to see him appear.

JL4114d ago

I just don't think Nolan is one of those types of writers/directors that would just "erase everything" and bring someone back like that.

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