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The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair: A Caged, Hairy Animal

FilmMattic writes: I may be a little late on this post, but I am fairly certain that many moviegoers have not seen this mashup. Harry Hanrahan, an intrepid video editor and the creator of a varying array of viral YouTube videos, has put together a ridiculous and hilarious compilation of Nicolas Cage's storied hair transformations. As tenacious and dedicated as Christian Bale is to his physical craft—undergoing intense physical transformations that are detrimental to his health—so to does Cage employ the same level of dedication to his dated sideburns and receding hair line.

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Soldierone4117d ago

That was pretty funny haha. My GF and I were arguing about him because she doesn't like him while I do. She said she doesn't like his face or the way he acts, and I kinda see her side now lol.

The whole first half he had the exact same face in every shot, then he suddenly got feirce and changed to a new face in the entire second half haha.

filmmattic4117d ago

Haha! Glad you and your gf liked it.

I tend to think that Cage is a very talented actor, guilty of some awful decisions. Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, and Adaptation were three of the most amazing performances of the last few decades. But then you see stuff like Bangkok Dangerous, Ghost Rider, and the Wicker Man.

One thing you can always count on is his infectious energy, which never seems to fade. The combination of over-the-top energy plus ridiculous hairstyles leads to what I term, the Classic Cage Cocktail—a hard to fathom, impossible to look away from, at times senselessly funny, and other times dreadfully obnoxious trademark.