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John Likes Movies' Top 10: Worst Nominated Performances

John Likes Movies:
This week, I was inspired by just how strong the acting categories are at the Oscars across the board. Are the five nominated actors and actresses in each category my very favorites? No, not quite, but there really aren’t any performances that I find undeserving.

Below are ten nominated performances (from the last decade) that I DO find undeserving. They aren’t necessarily bad, just not Oscar-worthy.

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Arcee4119d ago

Awesome article. I would admit that I agree with 90 percent of your list. You have some interesting thoughts backing up who you didn't think deserved it and who did. Very well thought out.

JL4119d ago

I actually definitely disagree with number 3-6. Especially the Will Smith one. He was great in that movie. And I definitely think Crowe did very nice work in Gladiator. Didn't like Royal Tenenbaums.

Naomi Watts in King Kong over Reese in Walk the Line? No thank you. And Vera over Abigail? Not at all.

Oh and I probably disagree with #1 as well. Maybe Ronan deserved a nomination, but I definitely don't agree with that assessment of Bullock's role.