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Disney Animator Debuts Stunning Animated ‘Superman’ Short

Robb Pratt is a longtime animator who worked on Pocahontas and Tarzan before moving on to the Disney television side.

And he also loves Superman.

Pratt created an animated short called Superman Classic that is making now the rounds set to the music from the old Superman Saturday matinee serials. (He also got John Newton, the actor who played Superboy from the 1980s TV series, to voice Clark Kent.)

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Horny Melon2902d ago

Wow they copied the end of that off of sky captain

MrMyers2902d ago

This is pretty cool! I like the classic vibe of it.

Sunny_D2898d ago

Me too. Even the nice music from the classic. But, I want more!

filmfreak2902d ago

I'm ready for the new Superman movie he is like my favorite superhero.

Soldierone2902d ago

That was pretty cool for a short film, wouldnt be able to stand it if they made it into a feature though lol.

JL2901d ago

lol Definitely not on a feature film level. I could handle watching some more short films like that though.