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Paul Review ( "The reliably inimitable Pegg/Frost double act has managed to ensnare an absolutely peerless comedic ensemble here, all of whom do splendid work. The titular alien is a marvellous illustration of utterly bang-on special effects, but whether you sincerely warm to the character will probably have a lot to do with whether or not you tend to warm to Seth Rogan; who, true to form, plays Seth Rogan once again here. That said, the star of the show is probably Pegg and Frost’s wry and permanently high-spirited script."

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darklordzor4122d ago

Can't wait to see this movie. It's one that I'm really looking forward to. These days Pegg is an actor I'll go see in just about any movie, though.

JL4122d ago

Agree. I definitely can't wait to see this one. Saw a trailer for it last night in front of No Strings Attached and it just got me in the mood again to really wanting this to hurry up and come out.

I, too, will watch just about anything with Pegg in it these days. Combine Pegg and Frost though, and I'm absolutely there. I don't care if it's Care Bears: The Movie. If it's got the Frost/Pegg duo, I'm in.

MrMyers4122d ago

I really want to see this movie. I like these two guys together. Plus it has Seth Rogen with them--it should be hilarious.